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Friday, September 3, 2010

Today's Menu, Friday 9/3/2010

For breakfast I made a lovely Baked Soaked Oatmeal, the recipe courtesy of Stephanie at Keeper of the Home: http://www.keeperofthehome.org/.  My son D ate half of his with Organic Maple Syrup and whole cream, my younger son M ate all of his with just Maple Syrup.  We also served scrambled eggs and Full-fat Raw Milk.  If they're still hungry after all that, they are allowed a banana in addition, but often they're full enough not to need it.  I've been trying to get my boys to eat oatmeal for a long time, but they just can't seem to like Hot Cereals.  (Their Daddy doesn't like them much either)

Breakfast has been a difficult transition.  Like most American Mom's, I had fallen prey to the "Cold Cereal Habit" with my boys.  When we began eating a more natural, organic diet (even before reading the WAPF) we simply switched to the organic cold cereals.  After reading the dangers of eating such overprocessed cold cereal we decided to stop buying it altogether.  In short, there is little nutritional value in cold cereal, and it does little to keep a child's belly full for very long. 

If you send your child to school (s)he has 4 hours between meals.  My kids are allowed a snack at school, but many aren't.  If they are hungry, can they really learn effectively?  It is our duty as parents to do our best in feeding our children so they have the optimum ability to learn.  In this way, a meal that will 'stick to the ribs' and provide their bodies with the best nutrition is our goal.  You just can't get that with a bowl of cold cereal.

So, for breakfast in our house, there is usually a nice grain product like Toast, homemade pancakes or waffles, homemade muffins, or now Baked Oatmeal, served with a full-fat protein like eggs, uncured bacon (nitrate/nitrite free) or sausage/ham if we can afford it.  Whole Raw milk is always served, and they can have fruit afterward if they're still hungry.

For lunch they are allowed to eat 'School Lunch' once per week.  They usually choose to eat it on Fridays since Friday is Pizza Day.  D likes pizza, and M orders the Fruit & Yogurt Parfait since I usually make pizza for dinner anyway.

For dinner tonight I'm making Pizza with homemade dough, of course.  I keep a 'No-knead bread dough' in my fridge, and use that to make pizza with homemade sauce.  I buy cans of organic Tomato Puree and use it for pizza sauce, pasta sauce and sometimes tomato soup.  I can NOT afford to buy organic mozzarella cheese, though, so we look at the packages and choose the best we can, always full-fat whole milk cheese.

To see the recipe I use for my 'No Knead Bread Dough' click here:  http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/no-knead-crusty-white-bread-recipe

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