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Friday, September 3, 2010

My First Post!

I am frequently told I should write, but it's difficult for me to sit down and actually do it.  I often end up feeling like I have nothing worthwhile to say, or nothing anyone would want to bother reading.

However, in my life as a Christian Wife and Mother, I have plenty to say.  I may rant and rave at some article I've read, get excited over a new and different recipe, or simply share an opinion or three.  I've had a tremendous journey and I know God's not finished with me yet.

I am currently passionate about nutrition since a friend of mine reccomended the Weston A Price Foundation and Nourishing Traditions.  After doing much research I have become quite commited to applying their principles to my family's daily life.  It just...made perfect, logical sense to me, and seemed that the WAPF had defined the way God had intended for our bodies to eat and digest food.  I was further convinced after seeing noticable changes in my children's behavior and my husband's mental outlook.

I am not going to outline or re-print all the information on the Weston A Price Foundation's diet since there are plenty of other places to find that information.  I can encourage you to read for yourself though:

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