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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our menu for Wednesday, and stuff from Yesterday.

This morning I made a very nice Peanut Butter Smoothie for the kids' breakfast from a recipe I found online.  D thought it was too peanut-buttery, and I'm inclined to agree, but M didn't complain at all.  (I used the recipe from Keeper of the Home)  They had toast with it.  One reason I went the smoothie route this morning is because my milk is just starting to think about souring.  Just enough for the boys to say "This doesn't taste right."  Nothing harmful about it, I just have to add flavoring to cover the souring.

D came home complaining about his lunch.  Apparently I gave him M's sandwich - which had strawberry jelly.  He also didn't like the dressing I put on his carrots.  (It's no different from store-bought, but I guess his Autistic taste buds taste something I don't)  As a result, didn't eat any of his lunch.  I admit  I got upset.  After all, I spend good money and work hard for my boys to have good lunches, and when they don't get eaten, I tend to take it personally.  It's a bad habit I'm trying hard to break.

When I spoke to my husband about it (he was at work.  Mistake #2 is calling him at work to complain about something.)  Jonathan ended up bringing home other things for the boys to make their own lunches.  (wish I'd known about his trip to the store, I'd have asked for yeast & baking powder)  At least that way if they complain it's their own fault and not mine.  SO.  For lunch today they're eating Ham & cheese sandwiches on organic store-bought bread, cheese sticks, applesauce or bananas, carrots and a Fruitables juice box (it's the least evil out of all of the non-organic juices).  Healthy enough, but not perfect.

I let Jonathan take the last of the leftover stew to work for lunch today.

Tonight is Pasta Primavera - it's similar to pasta Alfredo but with more veggies and no meat.  Basically, after boiling pasta with choice of veggies (put the veggies in the last 5 mins of boiling pasta), drain the water out and add about 1/2 c of Parmesan cheese, (not the garbage in the shaker, it has to be the REAL cheese that melts) a couple tablespoons of butter and a little milk or cream to make it smooth.  Salt & pepper to taste.

Not much cooking today - I'm still out of baking powder and yeast.  I'm trying to catch up on my laundry anyway! 

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