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Friday, September 10, 2010

Got milk!

Yesterday I got milk!  I was thrilled to get 3 whole gallons of fresh, raw milk yesterday with enough money for gas, a dozen eggs, a bag of beets (I need Beet Kvass desperately), a big package of yeast and some horseradish for my husband.

So last night I skimmed off the cream from a gallon which gave me one whole quart of raw cream.  I left it sitting out on the counter all night so I can make 'cultured' butter today.  I'm not sure if the flavor will be different or not.  We tried Vermont Cheese Company cultured style butter once and I didn't see much difference.  Either way, I know this method will be even healthier than my usual butter since it will have more bacterial pro biotic goodness.

I also managed to get some bread dough in the fridge last night - I've been using half white half wheat flours.  I made four fresh English Muffins today for breakfast with eggs.  Sometime I'll have to take and post pictures about my English Muffin Method.  I have a couple of different ways of doing it and I'm still deciding which way I like better.

Then I beveraged.  I made a nice big pitcher of iced tea.  I got my beet kvass together and left it to set out to ferment (I write the date on the jar of the day it should be done fermenting so I don't forget).  I got ginger ale together and left that out to ferment.  I also made a quart of lemonade for the kids.

For dinner tonight we're having pizza.  I use my homemade bread dough for that and we all love it.  It's my son D's favorite day of the week since I also let them have school lunch on Fridays as well, and Friday is Pizza Day at school.  The idea of having pizza twice in one day is pure heaven for my sweet D.  M has a fruit & yogurt parfait at school because he says he doesn't like their pizza as much as mine.  :)

If I have time today I found some cute patterns for re-usable sandwich bags that I love.  I'm not doing anything fancy or professional (I am one lazy seamstress), but I'm using one of my husband's old tee-shirts and some gallon-sized plastic freezer bags.  We'll see how it goes! 

Ugh...do you think after all that I'll have time for laundry?  I really ought to do some.  And clean the bathroom.  And the dishes.  Cooking is so much more fun than cleaning up afterward...

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